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Halloween Wars 2016: Pumpkin and Candy Challenges

Here at The Big Time, we don’t celebrate holidays, we compete in them!

First, we have 2 minutes to carve the BEST pumpkin!

Second, we have 30 seconds to eat as many candies as possible!

American Idol Trent Harmon Stops By!

Drake White Stops By TBT!

Drake White’s Slurpee Song

We brought Drake White to 7-11 for ‪#‎FreeSlurpeeDay‬ and Drake made a song on the SPOT for some kids!

The Big Time is Seein’ Red!

Soooo Dustin Lynch has a some BIG new music…

Which has got the TBT crew FEELIN’ IT:

Big Hugs for Your Heroes!

Send us a pic of your BIG HERO to