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Nationwide The Jingle Sessions With Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley has never had a jingle coach, a title that Peyton Manning has decided to take on for himself. Go behind the scenes with Brad and Peyton in the Making of The Jingle Sessions:

Cole Swindell Unveils His New Single

Cole Swindell gives us a look on life on the road as he unveils his new single “Stay Downtown”:

The Voice Coaches Play The Emoji Game

Miley, Jennifer, Blake and Adam get ready for Season 13 with The Voice Emoji Game. Season 13 premieres Monday, September 25 at 8/7c on NBC.

Luke Bryan Dodges iPhones On Stage

Undergarments and roses? Sure — par for the course. But iPhones? That’s another story. Luke Bryan was performing in Virginia Beach recently when suddenly he was dodging iPhones being hurled at his person. He was in between songs, apparently reading some messages on a fan’s phone out loud to the rest of the crowd, when others fans got jealous and felt that throwing their own phones at the singer would be the best way to get him to use theirs, too. Spoiler alert: it backfired.

Monday Night Football Theme Song With Hank William JR & FGL!

Hank Williams JR’s new Monday Night Football theme song debuted this week, teaming him up with his rowdy friends Florida Georgia Line and Jason Derulo. Check it out:

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