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Midland Gets Crafty

When Midland can’t get in because of a “no shoes” rule, they improvise! Check out there last minute, DIY sandals:

Luke Bryan Hosts Free Show For Nashville Preds Fans

Before Game 6 of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, Luke Bryan did a free show on the roof of Tootsie’s on Lower Broadway in Nashville in front of about 60,000 fans in the streets and streamed on Watch his performance of ‘I Don’t Want This Night To End’:

Brett Eldredge Preforms On Late Night With Seth Meyers

Brett Eldredge was on Late Night with Seth Meyers performing ‘Love Someone’ off his self-titled album out August 4th. If you missed it, watch it now:

Rascal Flatts Sang National Anthem At NBA Finals Game & Fans Were Shocked It’s Not One Guy

Rascal Flatts sang the National Anthem from the Warriors/Cavaliers game on Wednesday. But most importantly, it provided a eureka moment for a whole lot of people on Twitter:

Blake Karaokes With Hoda Kotb From The Today Show

BLAKE SHELTON sang karaoke with Hoda Kotb while the Today show was in Nashville this week:

Big Hugs for Your Heroes!

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